Three easy tips for living green with a dog

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There are so many great tips on living green with a dog. It seems people are coming up with more and more all the time.  I came across these three recently at and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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Here are three easy tips for living green with a dog

1. Reuse

If you’ve ever seen a dog chase a stick, you know that it doesn’t take something with a $10 price tag to entertain an animal for hours. Try seeing what you have in the garage or in the attic. There may be a treasure trove of forgotten items your dog or cat can play with — just make sure they are safe and don’t have parts that can accidentally get swallowed.

2. Donate Print Newspapers

For sanitary reasons, animal rescues and wildlife rehabilitation centers use discarded newspapers to line their cages. This is both cheap and efficient. Contact the Humane Society, ASPCA, or SPCA International to see if there are any shelters of rehabilitation centers in your area in need of old newspapers. If nothing else, the puppies at the shelter get a chance to catch up on their Marmaduke.

3. Recycle

When shopping for your dog or cat, look for items that use the most recycled materials. Many companies now offer products made from natural fibers, such as hemp or organic cotton, and some are even packaged in Earth-friendly materials like biodegradable cardboard or recycled paper (the higher the percentage of “post-consumer” materials, the better). Buying these products supports environmentally aware manufacturers, encouraging more companies to move towards sustainable packaging and natural pet products.”  Read the original post at Pet MD.

Video: 4 Cool Facts about Green Iguanas | Pet Reptiles

What tips do you have for living green with a dog? Please share them here so everyone can do all they can in our efforts to be eco-friendly.

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