5 Ways to “go green” with your dog

A very common misconception about being eco-friendly is that it tends to be more expensive than simply living a not-so sustainable life. Actually, this is hardly the case. In fact, there are numerous ways for you to care for the environment without breaking the bank.

Becoming Eco-friendly with Fido

Although dogs don’t really worry about whether or not they are eating an organic diet or playing with bamboo-made toys, you can help preserve the environment by reducing your pooch’s carbon paw-print on your surroundings.

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· Prepare eco-friendly meals. Not only will your dog be eating a healthier diet, by preparing an eco-friendly meal, you also protect our natural environment with this means. To prepare an eco-friendly meal just use organic foods and ingredients when making homemade meals or treats.

· Create your own dog toys. Instead of buying new, synthetic toys for Fido, try getting in touch with your artistic side by crafting your own. Using recyclable materials at home such as ropes, socks, old tennis balls, or used water bottles, you can make a multitude of toys that will keep your dog entertained for several hours.

· Make your own dog shampoo. Make use of everyday home products and natural ingredients that can be easily whipped up to make economical and eco-friendly dog shampoos and conditioners. You can also try utilizing grooming stuffs made from herbal cleaners, vegetable oils, and aroma-therapeutic fragrances.

· Support “green” businesses. When you shop for Fido, try patronizing environmentally friendly stores and buying doggie products from businesses which take part in reducing their own carbon footprints. Find out whether your favorite retailer conserves energy, uses recycled goods, and supplies their shelves with eco-friendly products.

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· Spay and Neuter. As silly as it may sound at first, spaying and neutering pets can actually help the environment. Eliminating unwanted litters helps diminish pet overpopulation. These unwanted animals affect the environment by generating more waste which impacts groundwater, contributes to landfills, and necessitates food and shelter, which require the use of manufacturing as well as electrical energy.

In addition to these, you can also try opting for eco-friendly cleaning products such as lemon juice and vinegar as natural home cleaners. Finally, spend some time to spread the “word” along while you’re visiting friends that own pets, dropping in at the dog park, or walking Fido through your neighborhood. Swap relevant stories and pass the word on how each can have a hand in preserving mother Earth for the future.

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