Looking for an eco-friendly way to groom your dog?

Looking For An Eco-Friendly Way to Groom Your Dog

With all the talk about global warming, greenhouse gases and melting glaciers, many people are looking for any way to reduce their carbon footprint. Of course, most people are turning to the automobile industry for answers, but there are other smaller ways to lessen your impact on the environment as well. There are eco-friendly alternatives to almost every product that you use throughout the day, including the dog grooming supplies sitting in your bathroom closet.

Eco Dog Care provides pet parents with products that offer an all-natural, chemical-free way to groom your pet. Right now their line consists of Simply Clean shampoo for dogs and Simply Fresh between bath deodorizing spray for dogs. Two sisters started the company in 2010, and they are continuing to expand their brand.

Looking For An Eco-Friendly Way to Groom Your Dog

Both grooming products are made with all-natural ingredients and work well to clean your pup without the use of parabens, phosphates or any other toxins. This keeps the chemicals and harsh ingredients off your dog and off your skin. The shampoo and freshening spray are also infused with a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals.

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Eco Dog Care uses natural sources to cleanse, heal and soothe your pet’s skin and coat. They include ingredients like Lavendar, Neem, Myrrh, Ylang-Ylag, Cedar and Bergamot. These ingredients work to heal and soothe dry, itchy and flaky skin, and they also act as a natural repellent for fleas, mosquitos and other pests that may irritate your dog.

Simply Clean dog shampoo is enriched with argan, geranium, myrrh and jojoba. Consumers are impressed with the crisp, clean scent. It’s ideal for dogs with sensitive skin, as it has no phosphates, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, DEA or synthetic fragrances or dyes. This shampoo is also flea treatment compatible, meaning it won’t wash away any topical treatments that you use on your dog.

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The company’s Simply Fresh spray can be used to keep your dog’s coat looking and smelling great between baths. Neem, lemongrass and myrrh not only support skin and coat health, but their natural aromatics will also leave your pet and your home smelling great!

Looking For An Eco-Friendly Way to Groom Your Dog

This product is also free from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, and it doesn’t contain alcohol either. Pomegranate and avocado oils are used in this spray, as they are rich in moisture and will act as a conditioner to make your dog’s hair easier to brush. This is most beneficial for dogs with long coats.

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Unlike some other similar products, both these grooming supplies can be used on puppies over 8 weeks old. Often you need to find shampoos that are specially formulated for puppies, so this is a nice advantage for multi-pet homes that have a puppy and an adult dog. One thing to note is that due to the use of cedar, these products cannot be used on cats.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your pet’s impact on the environment, there are a lot of options for you. In the last few years more companies have begun to create products that are healthy and functional for pets and are also good for the Earth.

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You can find dog food and treats made with sustainable ingredients, leashes and collars made from natural materials and many different grooming products that are biodegradable. Speaking of that, both products from Eco Dog Care are 100% biodegradable.

Typically, these products cost a little more, but they are also usually safer and healthier for your dog. Spending a few extra bucks to get a higher quality product and one that is eco-friendly really isn’t a bad trade off. I highly recommend checking for environmentally friendly options next time you’re shopping at your local pet supply store.

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