Let’s take a closer look at dog names

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Naming a new puppy can be a bit challenging, but many people find it fun. But remember, every puppy deserves the right to have a name that fits his or her personality and physical appeal as well. They may also be named by owners due to their own expectations for the puppy. In this article, we take a closer look at dog names and some of the more common, (and not so common), dog names and naming tactics.

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A Closer Look at Dog Names

First, a dog’s name should be preferably short, snappy, and catchy- around one to two syllables is okay. Second, it should not be rhyme or sound like any commands, or any of the names of his masters to avoid confusion the dog.

Below are some of the world’s naming conventions for dogs:

  • As with most owners, some of them have named their dog Spot, Blackie, Brownie, Rusty or anything that resembles the dog’s physical appearance.
  • There are also many who name their dogs after favorite stuff like food, TV show characters, books, and other media, such as Sherlock, Sam, or Sugar.
  • While a closer look at dog names that are supposed to describe a dog’s appearance, some owners like to take naming in a humorous and oxymoron way. For example: a Shi Tzu is named “Superman”, or “Peanut” is actually a Great Dane, or a white dog can be named “Blackie”.
  • Most breeders follow their parents’ names and re-arrange them instead, or they may think of a unified concept in naming the puppies (e.g. all start with the same letter).
  • There are many others who name their puppies from song phrases, business or computer terminologies, food or recipes, or famous people.
  • In breed shows, things take a different turn when it comes to naming deserving sporting champs. Some dogs are named to match their ‘potential’ as winners, such as “First Edition”, “Show Stopper”, “Something Special”, “Totally Awesome”, “Stage Presence” and many others. And some creative owners give their dogs names “Hulk Hogan”, “Armed ‘n Dangerous” and “Above the Law” to attempt some reverse psychology.
  • Movies and TV also influence dog naming. Some pups are named “Jedi Master”, “Indiana Jones”, “Gone with the wind”, “Dirty Harry”, “Diamonds are Forever”, “Star Wars”, and many more. Some are even named after characters like “Wizard of Oz” or “Music man”, and some are named after celebrities, such as “Oprah Winfrey” or “Walt Disney”.
  • Some food-lover owners also take it as a creative opportunity to name their pet with names like, “Cookies”, “Oreo”, “Red Hot Chili Pepper”, “Peaches ‘n Cream” or “Blueberry Muffin”.
  • There are also humorous names like “Queen Elizabasset”, “Santa Paws” or “Bull Wrinkle”.
  • While there is a limit to having dogs of the same name, some can simply change spellings like “Thyme”, “Tyme”, “Nite”, “Knight” or “Majic” instead of “Magic”.

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But in the long run as we take a closer look at dog names there is no limit to getting inspiration for dog names, just as long as you have a short call name for them, especially for dogs with long names.

How do you select a name for your dogs? Comments are welcome below.

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