Are you using state of the art dog poop bags?

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Are You Using State of the Art Dog Poop Bags

With Christmas just around the corner, we are sure to see some very unique pet products hitting store shelves. Unique products are great – they make very special gifts and can also be great conversation starters. The problem with unique gifts is that they aren’t always practical. When giving a gift you should try to purchase or make something that the person will use. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a dog owner, these state of the art poop bags would be a great choice.

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Earlier this week, BoTy Dogs announced an interesting discount promotion for their newest product that will be released very soon. “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags are safe for the environment and offer consumers ease of use as well. Customers who choose to take part in the promotion will receive a coupon code to purchase the bags for just $1.

Are You Using State of the Art Dog Poop Bags

That’s right! The first 100 people to enter the promotion will get a coupon code to purchase 4 rolls of 20 poop bags (for a total of 80 bags) and one Christmasy red poop bag dispenser for only $1. The product is expected to be available sometime before the end of the month on Amazon. “Picking Up In Good Company” Dog Poop Bags are still currently in production.

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Carla McNeil, CEO and owner of BoTy Dogs, had this to say when asked about how she came up with the idea for the new product:

“I am really excited about this new product. The idea hit me when I was having a discussion with neighbors about the people who don’t pick up after their dogs. We looked at each other and realized we were picking up in good company – each other! From there we just had this silly conversation about who else would always pick up their dog’s poop and, of course, Santa Claus came up. From that conversation, the new dog poop bags were born!”

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The bags are leak proof, meaning you could stow them in a pocket or backpack while walking your dog instead of holding them in your hand. These state of the art bags are environmentally safe and so durable that you’ll never have to double bag. The bags are made with 2% D2W + HDPE and are perfume free.

I know it probably sounds weird to give dog poop bags as a gift, but think of all those Christmas puppies that are going to need someone to clean up after them. Not to mention all the owners that buy poop bags on a regular basis.

Are You Using State of the Art Dog Poop Bags

If you have a dog owner on your Christmas list, poop bags are actually a very practical gift, and because these bags are top quality, they are actually a little bit more expensive than traditional dog waste bags. You’d probably be buying the dog owner on your list an upgraded product that they will be very happy to have.

When it comes to buying gifts for dog owners there are a lot of options. You could get them a coffee table book full of pictures of adorable puppies or matching dog/owner sweaters. This year, instead of buying a gift that is going to sit on a table or in a closet for most of the year, why not buy your friend or family member something they’re going to use every day. Although you may not want your loved one to think of you every time they are picking up dog poop, at least you’ll be on their mind once or twice each day.

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