Dog throws a tantrum because he’d rather play in the bathtub than go for a walk

With all the Husky videos we’ve seen, we can say that Huskies are quite vocal. They bark, they howl, they whine, and there was even one Husky who yells!

And while some dogs would run away or throw tantrums when it’s bath time, the Husky in the video below is different. This Husky named Zeus would rather play with the water in the bath tub than go for a walk! So what does he do when mom tells him to get out of the tub? He throws a tantrum, of course! Check out the video below!

Awwww…the poor baby! He wants to play in the bathtub some more! Please, just 5 more minutes, mom!

Has your dog ever thrown a tantrum like Zeus did? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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