Top 3 cues to teach your husky

What you teach your Husky is up to you. For example, some people want their dog to know Sit and Down, others do not care as long as they do one of these behaviors when asked. Mostly, it depends on your lifestyle and whether you just want a nice family pet or a serious competitor in a dog sport. However, there are a few behaviors your Siberian Husky should know for safety reasons. The following are the top 3 cues to teach your Husky.

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Image Source: Randi Hausken Via Flickr
Image Source: Randi Hausken Via Flickr

#1 – Come

As runners, Huskies should definitely have a Come cue. A solid recall is important for any dog that is off leash in public areas (where it’s enclosed and allowed!), or even to avoid heartache in a big backyard. In addition, it can save the life of a Husky that bolts out the door toward the street. It’s just a good basic cue for any dog to know.

#2 – Leave It

Leave It is a great cue for your Husky to know for a few reasons. One, it can keep them from chewing your shoe or eating your steak. Two, it can keep them from greeting strangers, dogs, or sniffing every bush on a walk. Third, and most importantly, it can save your Husky’s life if he is about to eat something dangerous, including toxic human foods or maybe something unsafe that he comes along during his walk.

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#3 – Stay

For Huskies, a breed known for its love of chasing, a rock solid Stay is an asset. Like Come, it can keep your Husky inside the house when you open the front door. Stay is also useful if you are trying to get your Husky to not chase the neighbor’s cat or small dog when it crosses in front of your house. Finally, it helps teach your dog self-control, which is also important for the Husky.

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