Top 3 cues to teach your pit bull

Pit Bulls are an intelligent breed that can learn practically anything that’s possible for a dog to learn, and they enjoy training with their owners. But this doesn’t mean you have to have the most well-trained dog in the neighborhood. The important thing is that your Pittie fits in with your lifestyle. For some, that’s just a well-mannered family member. Others may work toward agility or obedience titles. While most training really is optional, the following are 3 behaviors you should teach your Pit Bull for safety reasons.

Image Source: Josh Ward Via Flickr
Image Source: Josh Ward Via Flickr

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#2 – Leave It

Pit Bulls are known for being good at destroying things, as well as being food hounds. So, teaching a Leave It cue can really be a good idea for several reasons. One, it can keep your Pittie from chewing your shoe or stealing your dinner. Two, it can make walks more pleasant – you can ask him to leave the grass he has sniffed for the hundredth time or all the people he wants to greet. Third, and most importantly, it can save your Pit Bull’s life if he is about to eat something dangerous – this includes toxic human foods or something unsafe he comes upon during his walk.

#1 – Off

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Pitties are exuberant greeters! They just can’t seem to keep from launching themselves at anyone who is within reach. Many of them latch on to hug you with their front paws. While you might not mind your Pit Bull’s robust greeting, they should have an Off cue for times when such an introduction could cause harm. It’s important they can keep “four on the floor” if needed to avoid injuring or scaring strangers. Remember, your Pittie should be an ambassador for the breed- being jumped on or pushed over by a happy Pittie will not win people over if they’re already biased against the breed.

#3 – Come

A solid recall is important for your Pit Bull if he is ever off-leash in public areas (where it’s enclosed and allowed!) or even to avoid a headache in a big backyard. In addition, a solid recall can save the life of your Pittie if she bolts out the door toward the street. It’s just a good basic cue for any dog to know.

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