Top 3 cues to teach your boxer

If you have a bouncy Boxer, chances are you have thought about dog training. Especially during their “teenage phase,” Boxers can be overwhelming for some owners. In reality, what you teach your Boxer is entirely up to you – you may be happy with just a few simple behaviors that make him a nice family dog, or maybe you plan on her becoming the next agility star. Regardless, there are a few behaviors that every Boxer should know for safety reasons.

The following are the top 3 cues to teach your Boxer.

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Image Source: Andy Blackledge via Flickr
Image Source: Andy Blackledge via Flickr

#1 – Come

Boxers LOVE to explore their world. This makes them prone to wandering – they don’t mean to leave you, but they just get so distracted! A solid recall is important for your Boxer if he is ever off leash in public areas (where it’s enclosed and allowed!), or even to avoid heartache in a big backyard. In addition, it can save the life of your Boxer if she bolts out the door toward the street. It’s just a good basic cue for any dog to know.

#2 – Off

Due to their bouncy nature, an Off cue is important for a Boxer. Even if you don’t mind if your Boxer jumps all over you, when greeting other people it’s important that they can keep “four on the floor” if needed to avoid injuring or scaring strangers. Hard to believe, but there are some people out there that don’t like dogs and your happy Boxer jumping in their face will not help change their mind.

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#3 – Leave It

Leave It is a great cue for your Boxer to know for a few reasons. One, it can keep them from chewing your shoe or eating your steak. Two, it can keep your Boxer from greeting strangers (because we all know Boxers LIVE for this!), other dogs, or sniffing every bush on a walk. Third, and most importantly, it can save your Boxer’s life if he is about to eat something dangerous, including toxic human foods or maybe something unsafe he comes across during his walk.

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