3 Basic behaviors you must teach your pit bull

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When it comes to training your Pit Bull, it’s really up to you on what he learns. Most of the time, what we train our dogs has to do with what we want to do with them – a nice household pet, agility, disc dog, etc. For example, some people do not want their dogs jumping on the couch or jumping on them as a greeting. Others don’t care. Mostly, training is a personal choice. However, there are a few basic behaviors every Pitty should know for safety reasons.

Image Source: Chris via Flickr
Image Source: Chris via Flickr

#1 – Come

Pitties love to greet people and other dogs. Some also like to chase cats or even follow a scent trail. These are just a few reasons a solid recall is one of the most important cues to teach your pitty – it’s important to know that if they wander, you can get them to come back. Almost daily I hear stories of a how a recall saved a dog’s life from potential danger. It can keep your Pit Bull from getting lost, hit by a car if he bolts out the door, or even prevent a dog fight should he be running toward an unfriendly dog.

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#2 – Leave It

With their big mouths, Pitties can do some damage to pretty much any non-edible and can eat a slab of steak whole. Leave It is an essential behavior to teach your Pit Bull, to save your items as well as your dinner. But Leave It so much more than that! It can save your Pit Bull’s life. A solid Leave It should get her to turn back from a poisonous animal, dangerous ledge, or a busy freeway. It will also help them learn self-control (including not grabbing toys out of your hand!), which all pitties need.

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#3 – Sit To Greet

Pit Bulls are known for being exuberant greeters. They get so excited, they just want to get as close to you as possible and this usually means jumping up. Some will even try to grab you with their front legs or mouth, not aggressively, but just because they can’t contain themselves. Being a bigger dog, this can cause harm to others, especially children and seniors. Even if you don’t mind your dog greeting you that way, for safety reasons your Pit Bull should learn to greet strangers politely. As soon as a person approaches him, your Pit Bull should sit and stay seated while getting attention. This is a fairly simple behavior to teach that everyone meeting your Pitty will appreciate. Starting it when he is a puppy will make training much easier.


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