This dog adopts a baby tiger – you won’t believe it until you see it!

You have probably never seen a video like this where exotic baby animals and domestic animals are all playing together with their surrogate dad – a German Shepherd. In fact, I’m not sure another video like this even exists. I’ve heard of one animal being a surrogate for a baby of another species, but it’s actually this dog’s job to do that for multiple animal babies.

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This loving couple started this sanctuary for wild animal conservation and preservation. They are in sunny Florida in Miami. The couple has a deep love for animals and have been running this place for 16 years!

It’s called the The Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Mario Trabaue attributes this dog’s abilities to get along with all these animals to his urge to please his owner – who also loves the animals.

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This Dog Adopted a Baby Tiger

Igor is the loyal dog that showed up three and a half years ago from Mario’s friend who trains police dogs professionally. They aren’t worried about the animals hurting each other until the tiger gets bigger. The baby tiger in this video was born at the center and his mother refused him.

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For now Igor can still be the top dog with the tiger, but one day they will have to be separated.

Imagine the exciting life of Mario and his wife Maria as they raise these endangered animals to make sure their species don’t go extinct. Now people are excited to come see this funny relationship between Igor the German Shepherd and the tiger who is getting bigger and bigger. They sometimes nip and bite each other, but it’s not dangerous.

Igor is a rare dog that is extremely well trained. As you can see in the video, he gets along with all different types of animals, not just tigers. He let’s monkeys ride on his back, and he truly is the epitome of a social dog. His love for his owner and dedication to please Mario allows Igor to replicate the way Mario acts with the animals.

Just like humans, baby animals need affection and connection when they are young. They need to be comforted. Thank goodness this unique organization is here to help with conservation and preservation of wildlife species.

I think this couple is so cool, and if you’re in Miami, stop by and visit them! As you watch this video, notice how happy you feel inside. The love between animals is just like the love between humans. When we show each other love and take care of each other, it instantly makes us feel better.

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Who would have thought that a hyena, a monkey and a dog would all hang out together as friends? These animals are good at getting over their differences. This is a good example that we too, as humans, can learn from. When we just focus on loving each other, we no longer see the ways we are different.

We realize we all experience feelings and love to play, show affection and take care of each other. And let’s face it, sometimes we like to give each other a hard time just like these guys! Don’t forget to share this video that’s already gone viral across the internet so more people can be inspired by Igor’s incredible parenting skills!

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