Your pet will think he’s on a tropical island with this dog house heater


If you live in a climate that has a cold winter season, you know how brutal it can get at times. Even with a fur coat, dogs still get chilly. With the Akoma Hound Heater Ultimate Dog House Heater from the K9 Kennel Store your pet will think his dog house is located on a tropical island instead of in a winter wonderland.

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Don’t let its small size fool you. This heater is powered by a long-lasting 150 watt heating element that can produce enough heat to warm a 32 cubic foot dog house that is well insulated. It is equipped with a thermostat that easily adjusts from 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

All you have to do is preset your desired temperature and your dog will be cozy and warm all winter. Safety features like a top heat shield and an internal heat shield make it safe for your pet and assures that he won’t get burned by brushing up against the unit.

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