Canine criminal – caught on tape!

Video: 10 Dumb Criminals Caught On Tape

When the Tampa Police Department discovered an increase in the number of reported cell phone thefts in their jurisdiction, it was all paws on deck to find the culprit!

The Tampa Police Department is taking extra reports these days on cell phone thefts. Many of which could be avoided. You wouldn’t leave your wallet unattended – treat your cell phone just like your wallet. While we love interacting with our citizens, we don’t want to meet you because we are taking a police report for your stolen phone. And remember, don’t leave your cell phone in your car where the criminals can see it AND always lock your car doors.

Video: Dog thieves caught by angry mob in China, beaten and tied to pole for 10 hours - TomoNews

Watch how this sly canine criminal got away with it, and learn how to protect your property from theft!

Video: police dog in action

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