Get help choosing a veterinarian

Your vet is going to be your partner when it comes to keeping your new puppy healthy and strong, so it pays to choose someone that you like and trust.

Taking the time to choose wisely right now will be worth the effort!

What To Look For In A Vet

Talk to friends, work-mates and family, see who they trust with theirprecious pets. Word of mouth recommendations are a great startingplace.

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You can also look through your local Yellow Pages or checkonline for suitable clinics, then drive over there and take a look. Youcan drop by to take a look around and get a feel for the place beforeyou make an appointment.

Some important things to look at whenyou`re choosing a veterinarian and visiting prospective clinics arewhether or not the premises are clean and inviting, are thereceptionists and nurses friendly and welcoming and whether or not theveterinary surgeon is properly qualified and if possible, affiliatedwith a professional organization such as the AAHA (American AnimalHospital Association).

If your first impression is good, you canmove onto the second step - making an appointment to visit with theveterinary surgeon themselves.

Meet & Greet!

When you go to meet with the veterinarian, take your puppy along with you if possible.It`s a good way to introduce him to the sights, sounds and smells of ananimal clinic - without the trauma of shots or procedures.

Thestaff should be very willing to make a fuss of him, they may even havespecial treats for their doggie visitors and this will really help build up hisself-confidence.

Feeling comfortable in the veterinarians office willreduce the stress and anxiety of future appointments.

When youspeak with the veterinarian, be sure to ask all the questions you want -it helps to take a list with you so you don`t forget anything.

Thingssuch as what puppy shots he recommends and his opinion on diet and supplements etc. are a good place to start.

If you`re interested in holistic, homeopathic or complimentarytreatments it`s important to find out how the veterinarian feels aboutthat. When choosing a veterinarian you need to be sure that you picksomeone who shares your philosophies.

If your process of choosing a veterinarian includes checking out Holistic Veterinarians you may want to take a look at the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)website.....

Click here to search for holistic veterinarians in the US and Canada

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There is oneother point worth mentioning, and that is to check the charges made forregular visits, vaccinations etc. as costs can vary quite dramaticallyfrom one clinic to another.

Although you should expect to pay a reasonable amount (and NEVERmake a decision based solely on price) when you`re choosing aveterinarian make sure that you`re not being overcharged for routineprocedures and appointments.

Your Choosing A Veterinarian Checklist

Ive put together a quick check list that you can use when choosing aveterinarian and evaluating a veterinary practice.

Feel free to add ortake away anything you want, it`s just offered as a rough guideline.

  • Clinic is clean and well organized
  • Equipment and furnishings look modern and well cared for
  • Staff is friendly and welcoming, to you and Fido
  • The Veterinary surgeon is qualified with board certification
  • The location of the clinic is convenient for you. You`ll be visitingoften, and you don`t want to have to drive across town through trafficeach time
  • You are happy with emergency services and provisions
  • The charges are reasonable
  • Clinic has convenient hours and same-day or emergency appointments

Online Veterinary Services

Although using a real hands-on veterinarian is absolutely vital to your puppy`s health when it comes to vaccinations, serious illness, emergency appointments etc., it IS sometimes more convenient (and cheaper) to ask an online vet for the answers to routine, non-urgent questions that don`t require a clinic visit.

For a small fee you can get a quick, professional answer without having to drive to the vet`s office.

Click here to learn more about this service, or to contact an online vet.

BUT please remember, this is NOT the route to follow for emergency situations, serious illness or accidental injury, severe vomiting/diarrhea or for vaccinations and so on. For those situations you need to get your pup to your own vet right away.

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