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The right dog worm medicine can get rid of any worms your puppy or dog is harboring.... and protect him from the dangers of serious illness and other complications.

If Fido has worms which are left untreated he can get quitesick, and will probably look and feel completely miserable too!

Luckily preventionand treatment are fairly straightforward and, in a healthy puppy, veryeffective.

Some types of worms are pretty common in puppies and many are even born with Roundworms, but there are steps you can take to protect your little one from other types of worms particularly Tapeworms and Heartworms.

Dog worm medicine works best when it`s given, or prescribed by your veterinarian.

You can either buy medications, dewormers, flea and tickpreventatives etc. directly from your own vet, or you can order online.Sometimes buying online is less expensive, but not always!

Plusit`s important to make sure that the medications you`re buying throughthe internet are the REAL deal, not fakes or `doctored` meds which won`thelp, and could even harm, your pup.

Always choose a reliable online company to buy from, and if a prescription medication is being offered online without a prescription, I would strongly recommend NOT buying it (and looking for another company/website).

1-800-PetMedsis a licensed pharmacy, an `A+ Accredited Member of the Better BusinessBureau`, and only sell U.S. FDA/EPA approved pet medications.. the samemedicines that you get from your own vet.

This is where I choose to buy products for my own pets and where many of the medications I promote on this website are from.

Obviouslythere are also other excellent online pharmacies, but do make sure youdo some research and are careful about what you buy, and from where.

Over the counter dog worm medicinesthat you can buy in your local store are often ineffective at best, andthey can even have unwanted side effects.

But you can also buy qualityOTC products from a reputable online company such as 1-800-PetMeds.

Here is some information on a couple of FDA-approved, broad spectrum de-wormers for dogsand puppies that you can buy online without a prescription which areboth extremely safe AND very effective.

Panacur C - Canine Dewormer

This is one of the most popular, and safest, dog worm medicines. The active ingredient is called Fenbendazole.

Panacur is effective against four very common types of worm - roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms.

It can generally be safely administered to puppies over 2 weeks of age as well as pregnant or nursing dogs.

It can also help to prevent and treat Giardia in dogs and puppies.

Dosage is according to weight and is usually 1g per 10lbs of body weight, given for 3 consecutive days.

Panacur is sold in appropriately sized packages (ie for a dog of up 20lbs you need to purchase three, 2g packets) and so on. It comes in powder form and can easily be mixed with your dogs food.

There are rarely side effects from this dewormer, but occasionally some loose stools or vomiting may occur. If it seems excessive or serious, consult your vet right away, but this is highly unlikely.

Learn more about Panacur here...

Dog Worms 3icon

Another comprehensive, broad-spectrum over the counter de-wormer for dogs. Dual active ingredients are Pyrantel Pamoate and Praziquante

It`s very effective against the three most common types of puppy worms (roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms).

However, unlike Panacur, it`s only safe for use in puppies over 12 weeks old and has not been proven to be safe for pregnant or nursing dogs.

Available in a chewable, pork-liver flavored tablet and is sold in 2 or 12 count packages in two strengths.. for small dogs (weighing between 6 and 25lbs) and medium to large dogs (weighing over 25lbs).

Again serious side effects are rare, but occasionally vomiting and/or diarrhea (possible containing a little blood), or lethargy occur. If these seem severe or worrisome, always consult your own veterinarian for advice.

Learn more about Dog Worms 3 here....icon

There`s also a fairly new flea preventative and treatment product that has been formulated to also kill heartworms, hookworms, whipworms and roundworms. It`s called Trifexis. It`s a chewable tablet that you give to your dog monthly.

Trifexis doesn`t protect against, or kill, ticks though. So if you live in a tick-prone area you might also want to use a Preventic Tick Collar too.

Heartworms are the most dangerous type of internal worms. As their name suggests, they target your pup`s heart rather than his intestinal tract, this is what makes them such a big risk to his health.

They`re transmitted by mosquitoes and the best way to deal with these nasty parasites is to prevent your puppy from ever developing them.

Luckily heartworm prevention is very straightforward, and a monthly dose of a heartworm preventative can protect Fido very efficiently. BUT never give heartworm medicine to a pup over 6 months old, who hasn`t been on a regular monthly preventative. 

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You need to get your vet to run a test to make sure he`s heartworm-free first, or there could be very serious side-effects to the product... including death.

Natural Products For Treating Canine Worms

If you`re interested in a natural approach to dog worm medicine, there are a couple of excellent holistic dog worm medicine options that you can use.

Canine Inulin PK for Dog Worms is a gentle herbal product that can help remove any worms from your pup`s digestive tract. It also heal and repair any damage done by the worms, and strengthen his immune system at the same time.

Another effective, yet natural, dog dewormer is FourGuard Herbal Parasite Formula from Natural Wonder Pets.

This product is a scientific blend of four of the world’s most powerful herbal de-wormers, with NO drugs, poisons or pesticides.

It kills worms and other internal parasites safely and naturally, without nasty side effects.


HomeoPet Worm Clearicon

An all-natural, fast-acting, broad-spectrum homeopathic liquid medicine, designed to treat 3 common types intestinal worms - hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms.

100% natural and a gentle, safe alternative to traditional dewormers. Uses only natural ingredients to expel worms from your puppy`s body.

Available in liquid form which is easy to administer and has no known side effects.

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Side-effects Of Dog Worm Medicine

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Some puppies may have a mild reaction to the de-worming medications.

Symptoms of a reaction to a product designed to treat puppy worms can include tummy upset, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite or feeling extra tired.

This type of reaction is similar to a mild reaction to vaccinations and is generally nothing to worry about. Most pups who have been treated for puppy worms feel better within 12 - 24 hours.

You may also notice that your pup passes worms in their stool, or occasionally they will vomit them up. This shows the medication is working and again isn`t usually cause for concern.

However, if your pup vomits or has diarrhea repeatedly, excretes a large number of worms, or seems to be feeling really unwell (rather than just a bit `under the weather`), do call your veterinarian for advice.

It`s always better to be safe than sorry with young puppies, so if you`re at tall worried, check with your vet.... and remember, although your pup may experience a mild reaction, it`s still vital that he be treated for worms, as the health risks of the worms are far, far more serious!

You can get a professional answer to any deworming, or other veterinary, question by using the box below.

Answers generally come back within a few hours (often much sooner) and it`s an affordable way to get peace of mind!

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