Family raises $15k to give their golden retriever a second chance

Working against all odds, James Cassidy and his wife Rachel Woertink aren’t about give up on their Golden Retriever. Rexi, named after the dinosaur T-Rex, has a unique condition that no one has ever seen before. Rexi’s front legs are placed backwards on her body. As bizarre as that sounds, it’s the most accurate description available for her condition. The 9-month-old pup doesn’t have use of her front legs, but her family says she gets around by using her rear legs to scoot on her chest.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any good resolutions for Rexi. The skeletal structure of her legs is just fine, but nobody knows why they’re facing backwards. Some veterinarians think the cause may be neurological, but all tests come back normal. Some veterinarians have suggested humanely euthanizing Rexi or amputating her front legs. But Cassidy and Woertink will have nothing of this nonsense.

A month ago Cassidy and Woertink started a GoFundMe for Rexi in order to raise money for a cart made by Kolman Prosthetics. The company will also provide a body suit for Rexi to make getting around in her cart much more comfortable. The campaign has been very successful and Rexi’s family have raised over $15,000 towards her medical care.We certainly love seeing that Rexi has such a loving family and dedicated fans. With her new cart, we’re positive that Rexi is going to be able to live a fairly normal life with her family. She’s already a happy-go-lucky pup and now she’ll get to do all of the normal things every other dog does, just with her own special twist!

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