Massive 280 pound dog provides comfort and emotional support to seniors

Dogs are known to comfort us when we’re lonely and depressed. And a woman named Marie Swanson knows just how much a dog can help you cope with heartache.

Marie Swanson has a massive dog 280 pound dog named Hank to comfort her. Hank, an English Mastiff, was just a puppy when Marie’s 33-year-old daughter was killed in her home. And through the grief and mourning, Hank has stood loyally by her side, comforting her.

Source: CTV News
Source: CTV News

Hank has just recently graduated from the St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program. And he now comforts a lot more people. Marie takes him to the Riverwood Square’s senior residence to give emotional comfort to the seniors there.

Watch the video below for the full story!

Hank is doing such an amazing job in cheering up those seniors! Keep up the good work, Hank!

You can read more about Hank’s story at CTV News.

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