Pets on a budget: what’s the best place to buy cheap dog supplies?

The motto for today’s economy is (or should be) “save, save, save!” We’re all about saving money and cutting costs where possible. In any economy, that’s a smart idea. Food, clothes, shoes, you name it, there’s always a sale going on to attract customers. Especially since the introduction of online retailers, businesses are pushing sales like crazy.

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Pet products are no exception. Pets are expensive, and if you have a multi-pet household your budget is even more strict. If you know where to shop and what to look for you can find deals on dog food, chew toys, dog clothing, and any other dog product that you’re looking for.

Cheap dog supplies can be found easily- you just need to know where to search.

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The best place to find inexpensive dog products depends on where you are, what you need, and how much you’re willing to spend (or not spend). Because our readers come from all over, we’ll mostly stick to online places to buy. However, there are a couple of retailers that are widespread across the country, and we’ll let you know about those as well.

Online deals can be really great, but keep in mind that they can also be deceiving. Sometimes online retailers hook you with cheap prices and then increase the cost of shipping.

Pay attention to these types of tricks, because it may actually benefit you to pay a little more for an item in a retail store and save the money on shipping. When looking for a great deal you need to be sure to compare the total cost of the item, not just the sale price.

Pets on a Budget – What Are the Best Places to Find Cheap Dog Products?

Pets on a Budget - Best Places to Find Cheap Dog Products

There are different types of retailers and each comes with its own pros and cons. There are small pet specialty stores that may offer more unique items, and there are big box stores that sell all the most popular dog products.

You could also make a purchase from an online retailer, but then you don’t really know exactly what you purchased until you receive it. Wholesalers are great too, but only for certain items.

Quick Stop: Retailers and Wholesalers

Before we get to online shopping (a fan favorite), there are some retailers you should know about as well as the option to purchase wholesale.

Everyone’s neighborhood pet store is different, but the PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus stores are very popular in North America, with the former having 1,145 stores and the latter having 250. Because they’re so widespread, it can’t hurt to mention them.

PetSmart has a lot of great offers and prices. In terms of cutting your costs, PetSmart offers a range of dog food, dog toys, dog treats, accessories, and pet healthcare supplies at relatively low prices. For example, a set of grooming brushes is $5.99, and some Bil-Jac Chicken Treats are only $2.99.

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PetSmart also offers services to dog owners such as grooming and in 60% of their stores, veterinary care too. The vet services are provided by Banfield Pet Hospital and consist of not only health checkups but also emergency services when needed. PetSmart’s partner, PetSmart Charities, helps save the lives of hundreds of thousands of pets per year by finding them forever homes. They sponsor adoption events held in PetSmart stores.

Pets on a Budget - Best Places to Find Cheap Dog Products

PetSmart’s competitor, Pet Supplies Plus, is also worth mentioning although they are not as widespread and nationally known as PetSmart. They have sales all the time, and they also sponsor pet care clinic events and adoptions. Both PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus are located in communities across America and are able to provide cheap dog products that don’t compromise on quality.

Buying wholesale is another option. In another article on this website, we discuss the possibility of buying wholesale and the different online places you can do that. Wholesale is best for products that you have to buy repeatedly such as dog food, bath products, or other necessities you use regularly.

If you have multiple dogs, buying in bulk is better on pricing and more convenient because of immediate readiness. While buying in bulk might not be an option for everyone, it’s certainly something to think about when it comes to cutting costs.

Online Shopping Done Right

Retailers and wholesalers aside, there are some pretty cool and useful online locations selling pet supplies at a low cost. is the first site to look at. Petco is vast, an advantage over smaller stores. Because of its size, you can purchase pretty much anything you want there at prices much lower than smaller businesses can match.

Equally immense, the second site,, is for dogs only. Their prices are low, and the benefit of shopping there is that because it is just for dogs, the range of products is wider. If you want, you can narrow your shopping choices to include only items made in the USA, and the variety is almost overwhelming. It’s just an all-around fantastic website to go to because of the low prices and stunning range of dog products offered. has expanded the products it offers to include dog food of all different types, including organic, raw, canned, and dry. They carry many different types of beds, toys, treats, and collars, and their healthcare section is equally impressive.

They stock vitamins, supplements, dental, ear, and eye care, calming aids, arthritis remedies, and they have a large flea and tick prevention and treatment section. One of the more unique sections on is their Greenies category, which offers treats designed to help clean the plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. They also provide joint care.

Third,, which caters to all types of pets, has some great features for low prices. For example, you can get a fleece bed there for less than $7 and a terry crate bed for $13.99. They have more than 1,000 types and brands of dog food to select from, including natural and organic dog food, raw dog food, canned dog food, and dry dog food.

Pets on a Budget - Best Places to Find Cheap Dog Products

They have less of a variety than, but it’s still very impressive. The site’s automatic shipping takes 10% off your cost and is set up by you to include a shipping date and the address to which you want your order sent. This feature is convenient for you, the owner, and is hassle-free (at some point or another, all online shoppers have run into an annoyingly complex shipping feature).

The last site to consider is This site bills itself as an “online pet pharmacy,” and it’s definitely that. It has a narrower range of products than the other sites, but when it comes to medication and healthcare, the prices are great. Their first aid section is well stocked. For example, they offer a 30+-item first aid kit for less than $35.00, which is a reasonable price.

They also have pet medications available for allergies, injuries, skin irritation, and wounds. The skin treatments cover an array of conditions including atopy, dry skin, seborrhea, overheated spots, skin infections, skin irritation, and other wounds. There are also links to articles on their website that offer directions on properly caring for your pet and his ailments. The directions come in handy because a product is only as good as its user.

Quality means more than price

Cheap dog products don’t have to mean low-quality. The sites and stores we’ve shown you prove that you can achieve great quality while also cutting costs. Just be sure that the products you buy are exactly what they are advertised to be.

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Some cheap dog products are just that – cheap. Don’t fall for advertising tricks. Look for good deals on quality products. Happy shopping!

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