These two people were being pulled out to sea until this dog jumped in


You’re about to meet one incredibly brave, kind hearted dog. His name is Nico, and he’s a three year-old Bernese Mountain Dog who was adopted from a shelter just a couple of months ago. Despite never being trained as a rescue dog, the courageous Nico recently saved not one but two swimmers from dangerous rip currents at a Southern California beach.
A woman on a boogie board was calling desperately for help as the current swept her away from shore. Nico’s owner, Dan Clarke, said his pup “went right out to her, right up to the side of the boogie board.”
What’s even more incredible than Nico’s quick response is that his bravery didn’t end there! The woman’s husband had gone in to try and get his wife, and had also become trapped in a nearby rip current that was dragging him out to sea.
After getting the woman to safety, Nico raced back into the water, swam out 100 yards and brought the husband back to dry land, too. Absolutely amazing story! Such a selfless dog. Watch the clip below:

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How incredible is that? No hesitation…what a brave boy. Has your dog ever surprised you by performing a spontaneous rescue mission when someone nearby was in need?

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