This database lists hundreds of pit bull-friendly rentals across the country

Current or perspective pit bull owners know the struggle of finding an apartment that doesn’t have breed restrictions, no matter how sweet and well-behaved their dog may be.

But a new database, published by My Pit Bull is Family, is a great resource for pittie-loving home hunters. It includes listings for over 500 pit bull-friendly rentals across the country, and while it’s certainly not exhaustive, it’s a great place to start when hunting for an apartment.

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The organization aims to “lick discrimination,” and know that owners of pit bulls are often faced with more challenges than owners of other breeds, especially in terms of renting property or getting insurance coverage.

The goal of this group is not only to bring awareness to misconceptions surrounding pit bulls, but to provide resources to families who own or want to own one of these pups.

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Lots of pit bulls end up in shelters when their owners can’t find an apartment without breed restrictions, and you can imagine the amount of people who get discouraged from adopting a pittie for this reason.

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Finally, a resource for living geared toward pit bull owners!

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If you know of any pit bull-friendly apartments not included in the database, you can contact My Pit Bull is Family so they can add it to the list.


  • Pit Bull-Friendly Housing Database

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