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“People who abuse animals are psychologically diminished. They are incapable of forming healthy relationships and are dangerous to society. The correlation between violent criminals and those who abuse animals is nearly perfect. If you know someone who has done this or has talked about abusing animals it is important that they be reported. A child, defenseless adult or senior citizen will most likely be the next victim. Even if you think “it’s only an animal” remember this- animal abusers don’t stop at defenseless animals.” -Michael Moore

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A petition to create a national registry on known animal abusers is currently open for signatures at the popular petition site,

A national registry, like those created for known sexual offenders, would offer an added layer of protection to shelters, rescue groups, and individuals looking to find suitable, loving, appropriate homes for dogs and cats looking to avoid placing these animals in homes where they may not be safe.

Animal abusers listed in such a registry would include (but not be limited to) those persons involved in dog fighting, persons convicted of animal cruelty, people convicted of animal neglect, and those charged with intentionally inflicting harm or suffering on a non-human animal.

From the Petition to Create a National Registry of Known Animal Abusers:

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People who intentionally hurt animals because they enjoy hurting things or because it makes them feel powerful are the worst form of living being on earth! Many of these people would hurt other people if they could get away with it. They just choose to hurt animals because animals are more helpless than people, and they have no voice – no say in what is happening to them.

We need to be their voice and stand up for them! We need a national registry for animal abusers just as we have for pedophiles and other criminals. Animal abuse is illegal and those who abuse need to be publicly acknowledged and tracked as offenders in order to help protect our society at large.

If you agree that a national registry is a necessity, please sign (and SHARE!) the petition by clicking here:

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