Tips to avoid puppy mill dogs

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We have all read the very sad stories about the proliferation of puppy mills. For those who are unaware of what this term means, puppy mills are operated by individuals who breed as many litters as possible for sale to pet stores and the unwary puppy buyer. The conditions the parent dogs and puppies are subjected to is enough to make any sane person, let alone dog lovers, want to shut these places down, and put the owners in jail. Anyone in search of a new puppy needs to know how to avoid a puppy mill dog so you don’t unknowingly contribute to their continuance. Below are a few tips to help with this.

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First off I want to mention not all the puppies in pet stores are products of these puppy mills. But how are you to know for certain? One of the best ways to avoid a puppy mill dog is to by-pass the large pet stores, and find a reputable breeder in your general location.

A very good source for locating a professional dog breeder who has the breed of dog you desire are local veterinarians, the Humane Society, and the animal rescue shelters in your area.

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Friends and neighbors who own dogs are also a possible source of information about breeders.

Be sure to contact the shelters, because just about all of them have purebreds available. Check with more than one and you may just find the exact breed you’re looking for.

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