Dog found left behind by his owners was so matted, he didn’t look like a dog at all

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When we move to another house, we bring everything important to us. We consider our dogs as important members of our family. Sadly, not everyone feels that way. We’ve seen a lot of dogs being left behind by their so-called family.

In New Hampshire, a landlord was shocked to find a dog left behind by her previous tenants who left without notice. The poor dog was severely matted that he didn’t look like a dog at all.

The landlord then called the police. They discovered that the dog was a Shih Tzu, around 2 to 3 years old. His face was covered with matted fur. His fur was so tangled that he couldn’t walk properly.

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The poor dog couldn’t see either and he was walking into walls. And since there was no food left, he was trying to eat anything he could find on the floor. The police took the dog to the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester to be evaluated and treated.

The vet found that the dog was suffering numerous health issues. Among his health issues was an infected and ulcerated skin mass on his forehead, anemia, displaced knee caps, dermatitis, fleas, and infections in the ear canals. The dog was also deaf and blind.

The police then investigated on the previous tenants, Jada Demas and Jennifer Moscardini.

After the investigation, the two were arrested for three counts of Cruelty to Animals.

The dog is now being cared by his foster family. His injuries are still healing. And hopefully, his broken heart and his broken spirit will be healed too.

There are no details if the dog will be put up for adoption. For more details and updates, please visit the Londonderry Police Department’s Facebook page.

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