Montreal’s breed specific legislation placed on hold

Video: SPCA on proposed Montreal pit bull ban

Last week we heard about the atrocious ban against pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs that Montreal passed. This ban would result in thousands of innocent dogs being euthanized and countless others living locked in their homes, only allowed outside with muzzles and harnesses. The law was passed due to a pit bull-related fatal dog attack in June and was designed to protect people from similar incidences.

Fortunately, the backlash has been extraordinary and the dogs are getting a second chance. The local SPCA humane society took the city of Montreal to court over the ban and Quebec Superior Court Judge Louis Gouin suspended the ban. Judge Gouin is evaluating the SPCA’s request and in the meantime, pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs can still be adopted.

Numerous animal rescue groups and welfare organizations have been in touch with Montreal shelters and rescues to adopt the remaining pit bulls. They want to get these dogs out of the city before the law is enacted if the judge decides to allow the ban. Once the law passes, pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs will be legally unadoptable and will face euthanasia. The goal now is to move these dogs to a safe city.

Video: New law in Montreal bans new pit bulls

The judge will make his decision tomorrow and we hope that the ban is overruled. Alanna Devine, director of animal advocacy at the Montreal SPCA, told BBC News, “We’re simply not going to participate in a by-law we feel is not legal in terms of violating people’s fundamental rights and basic principles of administrative law.”

Another part of the issue is the identification of dogs. Many breeds that look like pit bulls are actually completely unrelated, yet they will face the same quarantine and harsh regulations that the pit bulls face. In the case of the Montreal woman’s death in June, DNA analysis has still not proven the dog to have been a pit bull. Facts also offer evidence that breed specific legislation do not prevent dog bites and fatal attacks, and may actually increase them.

Video: Montréal walk against BSL (16.07.16)

With the decision being made tomorrow, we urge everyone to voice their opinion. Breed specific legislation does not solve any problems, kills thousands of innocent dogs and enforces cruel and unnecessary punishment on loving family companions. You can sign the petition on here.

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