Rescued near death, this dog’s dramatic transformation will make your jaw drop

The transformation in this video is so amazing, your jaw will drop–and we just had to share!

According to Life With Dogs, when Texas rescue Vals Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue heard about an emaciated German Shepherd puppy trying to scavenge food by nibbling on a dead animal carcass, they knew they had to help.

They searched the streets for the pup, and when they finally found her, she was so thin and dirty, she was almost mistaken for a pile of leaves.

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The pup was close to death, so they took her to Vergi 24/7, a local emergency vet. She was so thin that her rescuers initially thought she was under a year old, as she only weighed 23 pounds. They later realized that she was about 2-3 years old, and should’ve weighed closer to 70 pounds.

A prayer vigil was held for the pooch and she was given the name St. Francis (perhaps after the patron saint of animals), or Frannie for short. What a perfect name it is, because her survival is certainly miracle!

You just have to see how Frannie transformed:

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While Frannie’s past seems to be a mystery, her future is bright: she has been adopted into her forever home and is a beautiful, energetic pooch!

This persevering pup proves that with love and care, anything is possible!

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(h/t: Life With Dogs)

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