When rescuers found these two neglected pups, their ribs were visible. Wait till you see them now.

The RSPCA, which stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is an organization in England that is active in animal rescues and regularly investigates complaints of animal cruelty.

Recently, the group responded to a call about severely underweight, abandoned puppies. When Claudia Jones, an inspector for RSPCA, first approached the property, which she described as ‘a nice house, but filled with rubbish,” it was clear to her that the two puppies were malnourished. The brother and sister pair, who seem to be Rhodesian Ridgebacks, were living in absolute filth. There was no food or water present that Jones could see, and there was a dead snake nearby in the backyard. The pups were so skinny that their ribs are clearly visible in the footage. Jones and her collegues seized the endangered dogs that day and quickly got them to the vet.

Their progress is really amazing to watch! Both pups have been adopted, and seem very happy and healthy in their new homes. Check out the full story below:

It’s amazing the progress these brave pups have made! Just one good Samaritan is sometimes all that stands between a dog in need and a better life. Have you ever witnessed a dog being mistreated? How did you react?

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