Blind dog & his seeing eye dog buddy are looking for their forever home–together

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A 6-year-old Jack Russell named River and a 4-year-old Collie named Daisy are not just close friends. Daisy is River’s seeing eye dog. And now they’re looking for someone to adopt them together and give them a loving home.

River and Daisy were rescued from their previous owner because they were neglected and they lacked proper veterinary care. River is visually impaired, and he and Daisy have this amazing bond that would make it hard for them to be separated.

Image Source: Pennsylvania SPCA
Image Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

The two are now under the care of Pennsylvania SPCA. Gillian Kocher, Public Relations and Marketing Director of SPCA, saw just how sweet these two are. She thinks that it would upset both dogs if they ever get separated. So they need to be adopted together.

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We’re knocking on your hearts: please help River and Daisy find a new home. These two deserve so much love!

Image Source: Pennsylvania SPCA
Image Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

To those who are interested in adopting River and Daisy, you can find their adoption profiles HERE. You can also email Kelsie Kelly, foster & Rescue Coordinator, at [email protected] for more info.

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You can read more of River and Daisy’s story at BarkPost.

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