Richmond spca receives 23 new flood dogs ready for adoption

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On Tuesday night, the Richmond SPCA returned from an excursion to Greenville, South Carolina with approximately 23 rescued flood dogs, for which they hope they can find happy homes.

In the wake of Hurricane Joaquin, the East Coast, including South Carolina, has been hit hard with incredible flooding, wind damage and the destruction of homes. As such, the Richmond SPCA sought to rescue these 23 dogs from animal shelters in South Carolina, to allow them more room for the flood dogs that will undoubtedly need shelter there after being displaced by the hurricane.

Robin Starr, CEO of the Richmond SCPA, notes that it was vital to find a place for these dogs in the wake of such tragedy. “I think that in order to make space these animals were likely to be euthanized had there not been a way to get them out to safety.”

This recent influx of adoptable dogs was made possible with the recent adoption of 72 dogs from the Richmond SPCA, which Starr notes allowed for the extra room needed to take on these new dogs.

Given Richmond citizens’ willingness to take on the joy of dog ownership, Starr thinks there will be no problem giving these pets a proper, permanent home with a loving family, saying, that “the people of this community are incredibly loving toward animals and they always respond when we ask for their help.”

Once the Richmond SCPA looks over the flood dogs and gives them veterinary treatment and a proper health screening, they will become available on the Richmond SCPA’s website. People interested in adopting these dogs will be able to see them available on the website within a few weeks, with a special watermark denoting their South Carolina origins.

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