Dog rescued from rubble survives italy’s 6.6 magnitude earthquake

Video: Dog Pulled from Rubble after 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake In Italy || Pastimers

Italy was surprised by a powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake Sunday morning, leaving at least 20 people injured. The shocking quake is the strongest to have hit Italy in over three decades. It struck the town of Norcia, leaving 15,000 people homeless. While rescue workers were searching for victims in the rubble, they found more than just people needing to be saved.

Video: Dog Pulled from Rubble after 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake In Italy

A medium-sized dog was found beneath the rubble and this amazing video shows rescue workers digging the pup out. Once safely removed, they offer water and the thirsty pooch drinks it up eagerly. Despite being buried for hours, the scared dog doesn’t seem as frightened as we expected. In fact, he or she seems quite thankful that the rescue workers were there to help.

These Italian firefighters have done an amazing job saving the lives of both people and animals and we’d like to thank them for their hard, dangerous work. Without them, this poor pup would have been left to die alone and scared. Recent news reports suggest that there have been no deaths due to this earthquake and that injuries were present but minor. Certainly good news for everyone involved. We hope that the people and pets displaced in this disaster are safe and comfortable soon!

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