Rescue puppy with cleft palate finds the most adorable way to drink her water

Video: Rescued puppy drinks water in unique fashion

Everyone, meet Gertie-a puppy with a cleft palate.

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Poor Gertie was found in a dumpster when she was just a day old. But thanks to some kindhearted people, she was rescued and was brought to the MIA Foundation–an organization that gives animals who are born with birth defects a fighting chance.

Some very nice people adopted Gertie and gave her a loving forever home. And when they saw Gertie drinking water, it was so adorable that they just had to take a video! With her cleft palate, Gertie has figured out her own way of drinking water, and it’s just so cute when she slurps the water. Check out the video below!

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Awww…isn’t she adorable?

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By the way, Gertie is all grown-up now! And look at how pretty she is!

You can see Gertie’s whole family at

If you are interested in adopting and giving a forever home to a sweet dog with a birth defect, visit the Mia Foundation’s website and Facebook page.

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