What could make your hawaiian vacation better? Dogs, of course!

When it comes to a vacation in Hawaii, there are few things that could really go wrong. Those planning vacations in Hawaii are pretty much ready to do a whole lot of nothing and just enjoy the scenery and leisure of the islands. Relaxing on Maui’s beautiful beaches, sipping your favorite cocktail and enjoying your day of tropical elegance is an experience you’ll never forget. But if you’re like us, there’s always one thing that make it better – and that’s a dog.

Thankfully, this dream has been allowed to come true thanks to the Maui Humane Society. This genius shelter started a program back in 2015 called “Beach Buddies.” This allows locals and visitors to borrow a shelter dog for the day. You can bring the pup along on your hiking adventures, beach days, scenic drives and more. Maui Humane Society believes that it allows the dogs a chance to get out and relax away from the shelter environment.

Even better, the shelter provides backpacks filled with all of the necessary items you might need during your outing with your new canine companion. The dogs also come with “Adopt Me” leashes, letting everyone know that the dogs are looking for their forever homes. Maui Humane Society has said that not only have the dogs been adopted by those that see them out on the town, many of the tourists decide they want to take the pups home. In this case, the shelter helps ship the dog to the mainland!

It’s an excellent program that helps the dogs get out, see the world and even find their forever homes. Shelters are often scary and uncomfortable for many dogs, so they might prefer hiding and appear timid when really they’d make wonderful companions. Once dogs get a chance out of the shelter for a day, everyone can see their true personalities shine. Just when we thought a Hawaiian vacation couldn’t get better, Maui Humane Society made outdid themselves.

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