This shelter dog cowered for days–until one little boy changed everything

At a Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue in New Zealand, a sweet Pittie named Nala was saved from life off the streets. But from the moment she was rescued, she was terrified, cowering in her kennel in fear. For two days, shelter owner Abbie Van Der Plax sat on the floor near the cage, trying to coax the terrified pup out of her shell. But Nala stayed huddled by herself, trembling and growling.

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Then Abbie’s 7-year-old son Zach sat down near the cage, and something amazing happened. Barely skipping a beat, the pup got up from her spot and gingerly approached him. Her tail started to wag–and she even greeted Abbie!

The Van Der Plax family is currently fostering Nala, who sleeps between Zach and his brother’s beds every night. Although they don’t know her history, Abbie is almost certain that there must have been a child that made her feel secure. While the pup adores children, they are working on helping her with her trust issues.

Watch this Inside Edition clip to see her interact with the young boy:

Video: This dog did NOT want to be rescued... until we changed his mind! Please share.

The look on Nala’s face when she first sees Zach is so sweet and sincere. Good luck, Nala!

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