Mark buehrle’s fur family not welcomed in toronto

For the last 11- months, Miami Marlins pitcher, Mark Buehrle and his family, which includes a beloved American Staffordshire Terrier named Slater, have been living outside of the city he plays for, in nearby Broward County. The dog-loving pitcher can’t call Miami-Dade County home because of breed-specific legislation that prevents the family’s “bully breed” from residing there.

But, the family made it work. Buehrle made the commute from pit-friendly Broward to Miami-Dade for practice and home games, while petitioning and rallying to end Miami-Dade County’s longstanding 24-year ban on his dog.

But now, the family and their four dogs are headed to Canada after the famed pitcher was traded last Tuesday to the Toronto Blue Jays, as reported by Yahoo! Sports.

What’s worse that being traded to another team after only 11-months of a 4-year contract? Being traded to an area which has even stricter bans than his former South Florida residence. In fact, the entire providence of Ontario has banned pit bulls and bully breeds since 2005, so the family is forced into a terrible choice – to keep their entire family intact and make the very long commute from Quebec each day, or find a new home for furbaby, Slater.

Whatever he outcome, Buehrle and his family are sure to make their voices heard. A long time ambassador for the pit bull breed and outspoken dog advocate, Buehrle and his wife, Jamie were in-part responsible for Miami-Dade’s vote to end pit bull restrictions during his time with the Marlins, started the “Sox for Strays” charity while he pitched for the Chicago White Sox, and were highly outspoken against NFL star Michael Vick for his part in bankrolling a dog fighting ring.

In this public service announcement for Adopt-a-Pet, Mark, Jamie, and their 4 rescued dogs (3 Vizslas and 1 Staffordshire Bull Terrier, promote dog adoption and rescue.

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