Wa man wraps treats with wire and fish hooks to deter neighborhood dogs

A Belleview, Washington man’s attempts to keep neighborhood dogs from coming into his yard could easily have turned deadly for the innocent family pets lured over by the scent of dog treats strewn about the yard.

Jillian Raftery was shocked to find that her neighbor across the street had taken bacon strips and pig ear treats, wrapped them in metal wire and fish hooks, and spread them throughout his front yard. Several neighbors have dogs, and on occasion those dogs escape their yards.

The man, who refused to tell his name to reporters, told King 5 News that he is afraid of dogs and put the baited hooks out in an attempt to keep them out of his yard.

Dr. Gene Mueller, King County’s manager of Regional Animal Services, told King 5 that the man’s actions could be a serious violation. “Somebody is going to take the bait and that won’t teach that animal or child a lesson. It will cause grievous harm.”

The baited hooks began showing up in the man’s yard a few weeks ago. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries. But, Dr. Mueller says if any reports arise, there will be an animal cruelty investigation.

We firmly believe that there should be an animal cruelty investigation NOW. Just because no dogs were injured, the man clearly had malicious intent to harm dogs with a tool he created to lure them into his yard. What’s your opinion? Weigh in with a comment below.

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