Weigh in! Should it be legal to break into a hot car to save a distressed dog?

Video: Police Rescue Puppy From Scorching Hot Car


Every year, especially in the hot summer months, dogs needlessly suffer and die, trapped inside parked cars. On a nice, 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach up to 120-degrees within just a few minutes.

On a 90-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 160-degrees in just 10 minutes – the amount of time it takes to run inside the bank and make a deposit, to grab a snack from the convenience store.

Video: Police Rescue Dying Puppy From Scorching Hot Vehicle

Currently, only 16 states have laws on the books prohibiting leaving dogs in parked cars. And, only 14 of those states grant permission to law enforcement to enter a vehicle to save a dog.

Not a single state allows a concerned citizen to legally enter or break into a vehicle to save a dog that is dying inside.

(To read more about specific state laws regarding dogs in hot cars, click here.)

Dogs die in cars every year as law-abiding citizens stand by waiting for help to arrive.

Video: Don't leave your pet in a hot car!

Those that don’t wait, that break into vehicles to rescue dogs can be, and often are, arrested and charged with a crime. They can face jail time and penalties – all for saving the life of a dog.

So, let’s hear your thoughts!

Should it be legal for a concerned citizen to break into a vehicle to save a distressed or dying dog?

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