Thieves bust truck window to steal laptop, inadvertently save dog locked inside

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A Chicago pub owner believes that a group of thieves that have been preying on the neighborhood unintentionally saved the life of a dog trapped inside one of the vehicles they targeted.

Around 9:15 am on Monday, temperatures outside the Irish Nobleman Pub were already around 80-degrees when a pickup truck parked on the street outside with the windows rolled up and a German Shepherd locked inside.

About 15 minutes after the truck was parked, a group of 4 young men walked by.

“They were walking down the street, looking in every car they walked past, and I believe they saw the laptop and smashed the window and took it out,” pub owner Declan Morgan said. “I don’t believe they knew the dog was in there.”

About an hour after locking his dog inside the parked truck, the owner returned to find a smashed window and his laptop stolen. His dog was, thanks to a group of thieves, alive inside.

“I believe what comes around, goes around,” Morgan said. “He didn’t think it was a big deal that his dog was in there for an hour. I told him I would’ve smashed the window if I knew the dog was in there.”

Irish Nobleman Pub shared surveillance video of the car break-in that may have unintentionally saved a dog’s life:

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