Warning: poisoned meat planted along arlington, va sidewalks


Arlington, Virginia pet parents are on high alert after what is being described as raw sausages stuffed with pills have been found scattered along residential sidewalks.

Two dogs so far have become very ill after eating the tainted meat during walks near North Columbus Street and Lee Highway. While both dogs have been treated and are back at home recovering, they are not out of the woods yet, and continue to be monitored for illness.

Symptoms of poisoning from the unidentified poison include pacing, hyperactivity, panting, diarrhea, or lip licking. Anyone in the area who has walked their dog and whose dog exhibits these behaviors should contact a veterinarian immediately as they may be a victim.

The poisoned sausages have been picked up from sidewalks. And, neighbors have posted warning signs to pet parents to be on the look out.

While the Animal Welfare League of Arlington investigates the matter, they urge pet parents from anywhere in the world to carefully watch their dogs, especially during walks, to make sure they aren’t ingesting something dangerous.

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