Your responsibilities, owner!

5. ALWAYS clean up the poop when out for walks. Carry a pooper scooper and put it in a plastic bag for proper disposal later. To me, there are very few things nastier on the face of this earth than stepping in some other dog’s crap IN YOUR OWN YARD! Lazy, trifling owners who allow this should get a minimum of 30 days in jail.

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6 Deworm your dog as necessary year-round. This is a serious problem, even in cold climates in winter. Keep them treated with the meds your vet recommends, on his/her recommended schedule.

7. Give your buddy a balanced, high-quality diet, as natural as possible, and continuous fresh pure water.

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8. Get adequate insurance. This can include pet health types for your own benefit, but make absolutely sure to include homeowners and liability insurance. Any dog will bite – repeat, any dog can (and WILL) bite. Protect yourself and your belongings with insurance. ‘Cause if YOUR dog bites someone, the law WILL lean heavily in the victim’s favor, regardless of circumstances. So don’t take a chance of losing it all!

9. Do not let your dog jump up on people or charge other animals. You have no right to complain if somebody uses a pepper or mace spray on your dog if you let him run loose. Once again, like it or not, the law favors the victim.

10. The biggest point – simply respect the rights and opinions of others. Not all people love dogs like we do. Matter of fact, some despise dogs, for legitimate reasons. Whether you like it or not, they too have the right to peacefully walking around or being outside as they please, poop-free yards, and quiet enjoyment of their own property without having to feel afraid of, or listen to dogs with rude, idiot owners.

If you are not willing to live up to these responsibilities and more, do your neighborhood and some poor dog a HUGE favor: DON’T get the dog!!

NOTE: Feel free to copy this article and slip it under some idiot owner’s door!!!!

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