Hundreds of dogs & cats saved by rydell’s auto center

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A local business in the North Dakota area is securing the well being of hundreds of stray cats and dogs.

Grand Forks’ “Circle of Friend” Humane Society just received a huge donation of just over $85,000 from local auto shop Rydell Auto Center, the result of a recent fundraiser. That money will go to important resources and initiatives conducted by the Humane Society, including giving much-needed medical treatment to the hundreds of strays the Humane Society conducts on a regular basis.

Rydell’s raised the $85 grand during its annual car and motorcycle show last month, with all proceeds going to the Humane Society. According to Gary Shields of the Human Society, “That’s a huge gift for our organization. Those funds will be used to offer veterinarian services on site. We’re certainly going to work with the local vets going forward, but we want to provide some services in house that will help us save money on some spay and neuter, and maybe related services.”

The medical services that this money will provide for the dogs and cats that come through the Humane Society will be numerous. Says the Humane Society’s Maranda Weathermon, “We have a lot dogs that need amputations, eyes removed or ear surgery, things like that, that we don’t have the money for in our current budget. But with a little extra help we can provide for those animals.”

Video: Motorcyclist Saves Cat!

Luckily, Rydell’s large donation has provided that little extra help they need – and quite a bit more. For the 1500 dogs and cats the Humane Society handles every year, this kind of cash flow will provide them with security and financial resources to give these pets a home while also keeping them safe, happy and healthy at the same time.

Image credit: Valley News Live

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