Dog is so happy to be rescued, he can’t stop smiling!

Meet Alex Watson, a mutt whose gleeful grin lights up the room!

Video: Dog Hasn't Stopped Smiling Since He Was Rescued From A Shelter

Rescued by the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue (BBAR) in Brooklyn, New York, Alex Watson was saved from the doom of his undeserving spot on death row at an Alabama shelter. His rescue-mates have been spared from the same fate, as this awesomely hardcore organization saves pups from shelters in the rural south. (Hence the admirably honest slogan, “Saving Badass Dogs From Idiot Humans.”)

Says the BBAR’s Facebook page, “The dogs we rescue are in danger of imminent death as they are on the kill lists at very high volume, high kill pounds. Talk about a high-stakes rescue–now that’s badass!

While it may seem that Mr. Watson is named for his million “watt” smile, he’s actually named after actress Emma Watson’s model brother. In fact, most of the Badass residents are named after celebrities, maybe because they deserve to feel like stars.

As for Alex Watson (the dog), this handsome devil charmed his way into the heart of one woman, who decided that she had to take him home.

Says the photo below, posted by the BBAR, “Alex Watson was smiling all day like he knew he was getting ADOPTED. His grin only widened when he was reunited with the forever mama he met this weekend. This time’s for keeps!”

And what a dashing duo they make–so many pearly white teeth!

Video: Abandoned dog can’t stop smiling now he’s found a loving home

The Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers. If you’d like to help them save the lives of more sweet pups like Alex Watson, you can donate here.

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(All images courtesy of the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue via Facebook.)

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